Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Thursday 24th Dec, 2020
Friday 25th Dec, 2020
Saturday 26th Dec, 2020
Monday 28th Dec, 2020
9am – 6pm
Tuesday 29th Dec, 2020
9am – 6pm
Wednesday 30th Dec, 2020
Thursday 31st Dec, 2020
Friday 1st Jan, 2021
Saturday 2nd Jan, 2021
Monday 4th Jan, 2021
9am – 8pm



What is a closing date?

This is the date on which closing funds are handed over to the Vendor in exchange for the keys and possession of a property.

What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is payable to the Revenue Commissioners on all property transactions. There are different rates payable for residential and commercial property.

What is Local Property Tax?

This is an annual tax payable to the Revenue Commissioners based on the value of your residential property.

What are Rates?

These are similar to Local Property Tax and are paid to the Local Authority on commercial property.

What is a Folio Number and Filed Plan?

This is your Title Deed confirming registration with the Land Registry. A Folio Number is a unique number identifying your property and the Filed Plan is the map attached.

What is a Conveyance?

This is the purchase or sale of a property.

Wills, Probate & Succession Planning

Can I exclude my Spouse from my Will?

You can. However, he/she will be entitled to claim a Legal Right Share of your Estate on your death. If you have children, this is up to a maximum of one-third of your Estate and up to a maximum of one-half if you do not have children.

What can I do if I am not happy with a share in my parents Estate?

It is open to a child to bring a S.117 application against the Estate of his/her parent where that parent has failed in their moral duty to make proper provision for the child.

What is an Executor?

An Executor is a person appointed under a Will to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your Estate completed.

What is a Guardian?

A Guardian(s) is appointed under your Will to ensure that any infant children that you have are protected in the event something happens to you.

What is a Trustee?

A Trustee is somebody appointed under your Will or Deed of Trust to maintain and protect an asset(s) belonging to a particular person(s). In the case of an infant child, a Trustee is appointed to hold assets in trust until he/she reaches adulthood.

If I do not have a Will, who shares my Estate?

Your Estate will be divided as per the rules of Intestacy set out in the Succession Act 1964. Please see below.

Personal Injury & medical negligence

What is The Personal Injuries Board?

This is an independent body set to assess compensation due to an injured party. They do not involve themselves in matters where liability is an issue.

Will it be costly to bring a Personal Injuries Application?

The general rule is that costs follow the event. Therefore, if you are right most, if not all, of your costs are paid by the Defendant. It is important that liability is assessed at a very early stage.

What are General Damages?

This is compensation for injury, pain and suffering caused.

What are Special Damages?

These are expenses including treatment costs, medications, loss of earnings etc.

What is an Expert Report?

These include Medical Reports setting out your injuries, Engineer Reports assessing liability and Actuary Reports assessing losses.

Court Representation & Dispute Resolution

Where do I bring a dispute with my Employer/Employee?

Most employment matters are brought before the Workplace Relation Commission (WRC) who issue a determination. If you are not satisfied with the outcome it may be appealed to the Courts.

Where do I bring a dispute with my Tenant/Landlord?

Residential Tenancy disputes are brought before the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) who issue a determination. If you are not satisfied with the outcome it may be appealed to the Courts.