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At O’Connor O’Donoghue & Co we act in both residential and commercial purchases and sales of property.

Purchasing Your Home

We understand that buying your first home is the largest financial and most stressful transaction most clients will complete in their lifetime.

We offer fixed rate conveyancing costs so that you know from the very outset of a transaction what the costs will be. We also provide an accurate breakdown of the Stamp Duty and Land Registry fees associated with the purchase of property/land.

What we do?

In a purchase of a property we inspect the title being offered by the Vendor to ensure there are no issues with respect to ownership, access, services, planning etc. We will also liaise with your Bank, your Engineer, and the Solicitor for the Vendor to ensure there is a smooth transfer of property.

Where there is a Mortgage, we complete what is known as a Solicitor’s Undertaking. This is our Undertaking to your Bank confirming that if they release your Mortgage funds to us that we will purchase the property on your behalf, register you as owner, pay your stamp duty, complete registration in the Land Registry and on completion return all title documents to the Bank. We also confirm to the Bank that the title to the property is in order.

Selling your property

We ensure that we are in a position to issue Contracts of Sale for your property in a timely fashion. To avoid any delays, you should always notify your Solicitor when you place your property on the market so that he/she can have your Title Deeds in order once a sale is agreed.

Our Service

No matter if you are the purchaser of your first family home or an Investor operating in the commercial property market, we ensure that we maintain a high level of service. We aim to keep our clients informed at each step in the process.


Contact Us

Should you be in the process of purchasing or selling a property please contact Michael O’Donoghue or Patrick F O’Connor for a competitive quote
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a closing date?

This is the date on which closing funds are handed over to the Vendor in exchange for the keys and possession of a property.

What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is payable to the Revenue Commissioners on all property transactions. There are different rates payable for residential and commercial property.

What is Local Property Tax?

This is an annual tax payable to the Revenue Commissioners based on the value of your residential property.

What are Rates?

These are similar to Local Property Tax and are paid to the Local Authority on commercial property.

What is a Folio Number and Filed Plan?

This is your Title Deed confirming registration with the Land Registry. A Folio Number is a unique number identifying your property and the Filed Plan is the map attached.

What is a Conveyance?

This is the purchase or sale of a property.

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